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I am writing a JAX-RS webservice . Which returns a Reponse back in form of application/xml .In that I have to produce CDATA sections . I have researched a lot and I have seen many blogs . But I am still not able to do so . I have tried following approaches:

1) Writing your own Jaxb2Marshaller as mentioned here : . And I have configured like below :

<bean id="marshaller" class="com.test.CdataJaxb2Marshaller">
<property name="classesToBeBound">
<property name="cdataElements">

But I am not getting a call in marshall method of the CdataJaxb2Marshaller . I am wondering that I have configure the the marshaller inside the or somewhere else . Could someone suggest .

2) The second approach I have tried is mentioned here : . But I doesn't talk about how to configure CdataWriterInterceptor inside I tried configuring as follows :

3) Third approach I tried is very similar to the the second , with the difference that instead of Interceptor I configured a provider , something thats mentioned here :

I don't want to use some third party stuff like eclipse link Moxy . Alas JAXB natively doesn't support CDATA sections . It would be great help if someone has an anwser to this problem.

Thanks, Aman.

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Here is how it could be done with MOXy: – Blaise Doughan Aug 1 '12 at 9:36
I want to avoid any outside libraries , could it not be done via a custom interceptor/provider/marshaller. – Aman Chandna Aug 1 '12 at 9:45

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