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I want to run a periodic task within a Grails application. Can anyone recommend a best practice for doing this?

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My recommendation would be the Quartz Plugin, here's a summary of the plugin from the site:

Quartz plugin allows your Grails application to schedule jobs to be executed using a specified interval or cron expression. The underlying system uses the Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler configured via Spring, but is made simpler by the coding by convention paradigm.

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I've used Quartz on J2EE apps, but I'm new to Grails so I didn't know there was a plugin. Thanks! –  byamabe Jul 24 '09 at 5:12

A simple way to do this based on the core JDK libraries is via the TimerTask, that should allow you to setup a recurring event:


There's a good IBM article here on using it for this purpose:


If you want something more complex in terms of control then look at Quartz or Enterprise Quartz.

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