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I have a vector, for which I want to check each element against each row of a data frame. It involves a grep function, since the elements to be checked are buried in other text.

With help of this forum, I got this code:

    mat=data.frame(par=c('long A story','C story', 'blabla D'),val=1:3) 
    mat$label <- NA
    for (x in vec){
       is.match <- lapply(mat$par,function(y) grep(x, y))
       mat$label[which(is.match > 0)] <- x

The problem is that it takes minutes to execute. Is there a way to vectorize this?

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I've assumed you only want the first match in each case:

which.matches <- grep("[ZDA]", mat$par)
what.matches <- regmatches(mat$par, regexpr("[ZDA]", mat$par))

mat$label[which.matches] <- what.matches

           par val label
1 long A story   1     A
2      C story   2  <NA>
3     blabla D   3     D

EDIT: Benchmarking

Unit: microseconds
           expr     min       lq  median       uq      max
1   answer(mat) 185.338 194.0925 199.073 209.1850  898.919
2 question(mat) 672.227 693.9610 708.601 725.6555 1457.046


As @mrdwab suggested, this can actually be used as a one-liner:

mat$label[grep("[ZDA]", mat$par)] <- regmatches(mat$par, regexpr("[ZDA]", mat$par))
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I like this. It can even be put into a single line if you don't want to have too many single-use objects lying around (like which.matches and what.matches). –  Ananda Mahto Aug 1 '12 at 9:13
Huh, you're right. It's not actually necessary to add the mat$label <- NA. I'll add that. –  sebastian-c Aug 1 '12 at 9:16
Excellent! A big improvement. In reality, 'vec' contains [multiple] words, so the expression grep("[ZDA]" becomes messy. I have therefore: expr = paste(vec,collapse='|'); mat$label[grep(expr, mat$par)] = regmatches(mat$par, regexpr(expr,mat$par)) –  Henk Aug 1 '12 at 11:17
One strange thing though: I get the warning "Supplied 1296520 items to be assigned to 1296540 items of column 'mat.label' (recycled leaving remainder of 20 items)." What could this be? –  Henk Aug 1 '12 at 11:41
Check the length of the matches and the length of the grep statement and see if their length is the same. If not, why not? –  sebastian-c Aug 2 '12 at 1:24

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