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I want to automate part of my build process, such that I can click a button (or run a program, etc.) that will automatically update the version numbers in all C++ and C# projects within my solution.

All my version numbers are date based, so it will be easy to create.

How do I go about tackling this? Does Visual Studio have any in-built functionality to allow this, or if not, how do I go about doing this?

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I can suggest this tool

Versioning Controlled Build

I have used it for many years now and it let you control every aspect of the versioning problem

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It can but only for strong assemblies (in the case just add asterisk [*] to number which you want to auto increment) If yours is not such a case you could try ProjectBuildCounter.

It is free, easy to use, standalone executable. You have to attach it to your project and - voila - versions are incremented on each build.

Could be used for as many projects as needed. You might download nere. Usage info is available here

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