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I wanted to put a border around a table which has a background image. The border works fine, but when I do this (it is an 8px border) the background image gets cut off by the border. Am I able to shift the background image to start 8px to the right and 8px down?

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You can use the background-position:

background-position: 8px 8px;
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you could also use some short hand.
background: <colour> <image url> <repeat> <top> <left> <scroll>

for yours i'd be thinking something like:
background : transparent url(<location to img>) no-repeat 8px 8px scroll;

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To be precise, the background-position first takes an xpos, than a ypos. Thus it's <left> <top>, not <top> <left>. –  Martijn Jan 11 '14 at 19:39

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