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I have the following query:

SELECT * WHERE accountId = 1 AND (phone = "1234" OR fax = "5678") FOR UPDATE

There are keys on all 3 columns in the WHERE clause. accountId is index, phone and fax are combined with accountId to make unique index:

UNIQUE KEY `phone` (`phone`,`accountId`),
UNIQUE KEY `phone` (`fax`,`accountId`),
KEY `aid` (`aid`),

Which keys will be locked? What I need is to lock rows with phone = "1234" || fax = "5678" for accountId = 1. Is OR optimized correctly or all rows will be locked.

Mysql version is 5.0

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try an

EXPLAIN SELECT * WHERE accountId = 1 AND (phone = "1234" OR fax = "5678") FOR UPDATE

In order to obtain information about how MySQL executes this statement.

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possible keys accountId , phone. key used is accountId. Does this mean that all rows with accountId = 1 will be locked and is there a way to fix this. maybe split it to 2 queries? –  NickSoft Aug 1 '12 at 10:06

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