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Due to wierd request from a Customer, I have managed to figure out how to implement it using SQL query, but I couldn't translate it into LinQ.

 SELECT (SELECT count(*) FROM table1 where attribute1 like 'value1'),
        (SELECT count(*) FROM table2 where attribute2 like 'value2')

What the translation of the query to LinQ?

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You could just supply a predicate to the Count() function

var result = new { 
            Count1 = table1.Count(r => r.attribute1.Contains("value1")), 
            Count2 = table2.Count(r => r.attribute2.Contains("value2")) 
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var count1 = (from i in table1 where SqlMethods.Like(i.attribute1, "value1") select i).Count();
var count2 = (from i in table2 where SqlMethods.Like(i.attribute2, "value2") select i).Count();
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Thanku, it worked for me except for sql Methods, could you please tell me how to substitute the Sql Methods? –  Anwar Aug 1 '12 at 9:26

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