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I'm trying to use a custom filename since i need to create two files (a backupfile) so i followed the following tutorial to create filename Here

now when i test this with DELCUS%MessageID%.txt everything works fine but when i change it to DELCUS%SourceFileName%.txt the interface becomes permanently dehydrated.

the only thing i do for the filename is this

fileName = "ContExt" + System.DateTime.Now.ToString(); Message_send_Belspeed_BeautDay_ContExt(FILE.ReceivedFileName) = fileName;

is there any reason why the use of SourceFileName would cause this to dehydrate?

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Found the issue.

after a while the interface did crash and the filename looks like

DELCUS2012 10:50:40.txt

having : in a filename is not good.

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This is just a standard windows file naming limitation, you can't name your file using any of these characters "\ / : * ? " < > |". So obviously your instances are going to get stuck!!

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Yup, just me not thinking that a System.DateTime.Now.ToString(); would contain the time as a 10:50:40. so i made the tostring have a format in it. – Andy Sep 4 '12 at 9:43

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