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I follow this steps from API Google App Engine: https://developers.google.com/appengine/docs/adminconsole/datastoreadmin#Copying_Entities_to_Another_Application

  1. With Python SDK, I deploy the datastore_admin app: appcfg.py -A APPID update DIRECTORYOFDATASTOREADMINAPP
  2. In the Dashboard, I select the entities and press Copy to Another App entering the remote endpoint: https://ANHORTHERAPPID.appspot.com/_ah/remote_api

I get the following error: "There was a problem kicking off the jobs. The error was: Fetch to https://ANHORTHERAPPID.appspot.com/_ah/remote_api failed with status 404"

Any help? I'm totally lost :-(

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Is remote_api enabled for your target application? –  Dan Holevoet Aug 1 '12 at 21:18

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  1. You must be owner (role) in both applications (origin and destination)
  2. You must edit the datastore_admin app (download it at first link in my post) and edit the files:
    • app.yaml: ID of destination app
    • appengine_config.py: ID of origin app
  3. Deploy the datastore_admin app in both apps:

Full solution in spanish: http://www.megustaprogramar.com/2012/08/migracion-de-datos-bajo-google-app-engine/

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I would like to add a small, but critical item I missed, the files (app.yaml and appengine_config.py) have to be copied into the root directory of your Java project, not the war directory, but the very top directory.

I missed this point and when I ran appcfg.py it gave me the error:

appcfg.py: error: Directory does not contain an app.yaml configuration file.

After including the files everything went great, thanks!

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