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BIRT Reporting:

I want to define a master page in a library and use it as a basis for a number of reports. The master page includes just the company logo, date, page x of y and a space for the report title. The report title will be set by the individual report and may contain query data.

How can a report set data in the master page?


I want a report (based on a master page) to make a query to fetch data (e.g. report title) and pass that to the master page. e.g. the header contains company logo (fixed) and title (dynamic).

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just passing the parameters to master-page you can get your values..

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not sure what you mean. Perhaps I didn't make my problem clear. See Clarification – paul Aug 20 '12 at 5:04
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What I did was the following.

  • define new parameter in the library e.g. MyHeaderText
  • give parameter a default value e.g. Staff list
  • include the parameter in the report
  • overwrite the default value with the required text e.g. Staff - grouped by country

Worked for me.

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I didnt able to get u properly.please elaborate it so that i implement it exactly u want to say. Thankx – Reetika Apr 14 '14 at 12:00

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