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The goal is creating a simple Java EE 6 application with EJBs deployed on a machine and the web part on a different machine. I'm using Glassfish and Netbeans 7.2 but I get confused about the dependencies between the two parts.

I've created an Enterprise Application Project and Netbeans 7.2 started splitting the project in a war part and a jar part. As the two should be deployed into two different machines (two Glassfish servers) I used the Remote option when creating the first EJB but Netbeans asked me for a Remote Project. Should I create a library containing the remote interfaces? And in that case, should the war part use it? (It seems the war jsf managed bean is already able to import the interfaces so I get confused).

All the Netbeans tutorials I've read don't mention Remote Interfaces when the client is a web application but only when the client is an enterprise client application. Which is the correct way to develop Java EE multilayered application with web components and ejb components?

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Yes, you must create one more project for remote interfaces, otherwise you could not call EJB's

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