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I have a page called story.jsp (this is the parent page) & in story.jsp, based on certain condition I am forwarding (using jsp:forward) the page to some other story page path like ../business/story.jsp.

So in this scenario please let me know, whether the response again comes to the parent page or it will execute the ../business/story.jsp & serve to the browser
it will come to the parent story.jsp & execute its contents as well.

I am totally confused please help me.

Please let me know the details.

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I put the logger in both jsp in parent as well as child also but sometime it will print the log from both JSP thats why I am confuse really what its doing I just want to know how the JSP:forward will work therotically – GLADIATOR Aug 1 '12 at 10:14
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When you do a forward (jsp:forward) as the name suggests, it will forward the request i.e. terminate execution of the current page story.jsp and transfer all the control to the next jsp to which it has forwarded. So the browser will serve only the content of your ../business/story.jsp.

Where as, if you do a include (jsp:include), then as the name suggests the control is transferred back to your parent page after executing that included page i.e. the browser will serve contents of both the JSPs.

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