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Is there any way to access all loaded modules of require.js?

I want to automatically call an init() function of my javascript-modules after all of them are loaded, see require.js + backbone.js: How to structure modules that have an initialize function? Without require.js I looped over my own module-storage and called each init() function.
I now want to do this with require.js. I'm aware that calling a my_custom_init_function_favoritecolor_petname_love123 of every loaded module (including external libraries) is dangerous. I hope that this will cause less trouble than manually keeping a list of all modules (and the requirements of these modules) up-to-date. Forgetting one module init() is much more likely than a third-party library having my custom function name (though the latter is probably harder to debug).

Or does anyone have a better idea of how to accomplish that?

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Yes, require.s.contexts._.defined is an object which its keys are the module names and the values include the value returned from that module.

require.s.contexts._.defined includes all the modules (either define() or require() such as the Javascript file that is the starting point of the program and is indicated using data-main for RequireJS).

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What is the difference between registry and defined on the context? I see a new object on the context._.registry object after a define('Mod',...), but not on context._.defined. After a require(['Mod'],...) call I see the module on context._.defined. – alexK85 May 29 '14 at 4:37

Just finished a similar behavior within my RequireJS project. require.s.contexts['_'].registry holds the list of the registered modules.

I am using Underscore.js for getting, filtering and iterating the list of modules. Maybe the following code fragment helps you:

var modules_registered = _.keys(require.s.contexts['_'].registry);
var modules_to_be_initialized = _.filter(modules_registered, function(module_title) {
    return module_title.indexOf('modules') > -1;

_.each(modules_to_be_initialized, function(module_name) {
    require([module_name], function(current_module) {
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