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I've got a GridView that I bind to a ObjectDataSource programmatically, like:

ObjectDataSource risks = new ObjectDataSource("Risks", "RetrieveProjectRisk");
risks.TypeName = "Promanto.ProjectRisks";
risks.DataObjectTypeName = "Promanto.ProjectRisk";
risks.SelectMethod = "RetrieveProjectRisk";
risks.DeleteMethod = "DeleteProjectRisk";
risks.InsertMethod = "AddProjectRisk";
risks.UpdateMethod = "UpdateProjectRisk";
risks.SelectParameters.Add("WhereClause", TypeCode.String, "ProjectID  ='PR0002'");
RisksGrid.DataSource = risks;

But when I click the edit button and I then update my values, I firstly get an error that RowUpdating should exist. When I add it, I'm not sure what to put in it. Isn't my UpdateMethod "UpdateProjectRisk" suppose to fire automatically?

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When you use ObjectDataSource, providing the UpdateMethod isn't enough.

Your update method will need parameters as to which row to update. The gridview does not provide this on its own.

You need to implement the RowUpdating to provide the UpdateParameters needed to updated your ObjectDataSource

Take a look at this ObjectDataSource Example

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Thanks. Will try that. Seems like a lot of work for something simple. If anyone have a better way of doing this, please post. Will probably not be a ObjectDataSource then. – Cameron Castillo Aug 1 '12 at 10:07

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