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I have the following:

<ul class="head clearfix">\
    <li class=""><strong><a href="/firmy" class="menuTabs">Katalog firm <span>(3516)</span></a></strong></li>
    <li class=""><a href="/produkty" class="menuTabs">Katalog produktów <span>(23752)</span></a></li>
    <li class=""><a href="/uslugi" class="menuTabs">Katalog uslug <span>(81)</span></a></li>
    <li class="last"><a href="/szkolenia" class="menuTabs">Katalog szkolen <span>(529)</span></a></li>

I need to execute a mouseover effect only on links that do NOT have <strong> tag as parent. So in the example above I would skip "Katalog firm" link since that one has a tag as parent.


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Just filter out the elements that has a parent with the strong tag from the selector and attach the mouse events :

​$('ul.head li a')​.filter(function() {
    return !$(this).parent().is('strong');
}).on('mouseenter', function() {


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Please use like this.

ul li>a:hover
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$('.head > li > .menuTabs').mouseover(fucnction () {
  // code here
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I'd suggest, as an alternative to using a more specific selector (probably the better option in most cases) checking the parent element in the mouseover event:

$('a').on('mouseover', function(e){
    var that = this;
    if ($(that).parent().is('strong')) {
        return false;
    else {
        // do stuff.
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$('.head').on('click', 'li > a', function(evt) {
    //do something
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your css selector would be

ul.header > li > a.menuTabs:hover

to define the hover effect

if you need some jquery functionallity, you can use

$('ul.header > li > a.menuTabs')

to get those elements

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This could be defined in CSS only by using the direct child selector >

ul.head > li > a.menuTabs:hover 
   /* hover style */

You can use the same selector in jquery

$('ul.head > li > a.menuTabs')
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