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I am using mysql workbench (SQL Editor). I need copy the list of columns in each query as was existed in Mysql Query Browser. For example

Select * From tb

I want have the list of fields like as: id,title,keyno,......

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You mean you want to be able to get one or more columns for a specified table?

1st way Do SHOW COLUMNS FROM your_table_name and from there on depending on what you want have some basic filtering added by specifying you want only columns that data type is int, default value is null etc e.g. SHOW COLUMNS FROM your_table_name WHERE type='mediumint(8)' ANDnull='yes'

2nd way This way is a bit more flexible and powerful as you can combine many tables and other properties kept in MySQL's INFORMATION_SCHEMA internal db that has records of all db columns, tables etc. Using the query below as it is and setting TABLE_NAME to the table you want to find the columns for


To limit the number of matched columns down to a specific database add AND TABLE_SCHEMA='your_db_name' at the end of the query

Also, to have the column names appear not in multiple rows but in a single row as a comma separated list you can use GROUP_CONCAT(COLUMN_NAME,',') instead of only COLUMN_NAME

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yes. but my select query may be complex. for example SELECT i.*,k.* FROM test i LEFT JOIN test2 k ON (k.id=i.id) –  Huseyin Aug 1 '12 at 10:10
If you only want to find the columns of any one, two, or more tables is there a purpose on joining the tables? You can still use the same query as in the answer and just add the second(or as many tables as you want) i.e. TABLE_NAME='test' OR TABLE_NAME='test2'. If that's not the case can you give a better example of what you are looking after? –  gts Aug 1 '12 at 10:20
I need have all fields name on right click as Mysql Query Browser. Because queries may be so complex. –  Huseyin Aug 1 '12 at 10:44
The closest thing to what you want would be SHOW COLUMNS FROM (..your_query..) AS T, but it won't do the trick as the table needs to be fixed and not be dynamic/query based. The only 2 ways I can see to get one or more column names out of a table is by using the INFORMATION_SCHEMA query or the SHOW COLUMNS version(edit) which is limited to one table only and you can set some basic criteria based on the field properties –  gts Aug 1 '12 at 11:13
Please do SHOW COLUMNS FROM ... in mysql workbench (SQL Editor). you would have vertical results then copy of the list of columns would be impossible. –  Huseyin Aug 1 '12 at 12:01

The solution accepted is fine, but it is limited to field names in tables. To handle arbitrary queries would be to standardize your select clause to be able to use regex to strip out only the column aliases. I format my select clause as "1 row per element" so Select 1 + 1 as Col1, 1 + 2 Col2 From Table becomes Select 1 + 1 as Col1 , 1 + 2 Col2 From Table Then I use simple regex on the "1 row per select element" version to replace "^.* " (excluding quotes) with nothing. The regex finds everything before the final space in the line, so it assumes your column aliases doesn't contain spaces (so replace spaces with underscore). Or if you don't like "1 row per element" then always use "as" keyword to give you a handle that regex can grasp.

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