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received data from JSON, which is looks like:

    myself = 1;
    "id" = 123;

and I put it into a NSDictionary *messageDic, I also defined a value *isMyself to receive the value of myself

Boolean isMyself = [messageDic objectForKey:@"myself"];

but it does not work.

So I print the date type,

const char* className = class_getName([[messageDic objectForKey:@"myself"] class]);
NSLog(@"yourObject is a: %s", className);
NSLog(@"Size of BOOL %d", sizeof(isMyself));
NSLog(@"Size of BOOL %@", [messageDic objectForKey:@"myself"]);

the results are:

2012-08-01 17:41:48.886  yourObject is a: __NSCFBoolean
2012-08-01 17:41:48.887  Size of BOOL 1
2012-08-01 17:41:48.887  Size of BOOL 0

and the if section below also does not work.

if ([messageDic objectForKey:@"myself"] == 0)

I tried

NSCFBoolean *isMyself = [messageDic objectForKey:@"myself"];

I got error form above.

my question is what should I do to test the value of [messageDic objectForKey:@"myself"]? and what is the __NSCFBoolean?


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the result you've got from [messageDic objectForKey:@"myself"], which is a NSNumber, then you need to convert the result to Bool. So try below:

if ([[messageDic objectForKey:@"myself"]boolValue] == NO)
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Your mixing languages - boolValue is either YES or NO, so the above code should be '... == NO) – David H Apr 4 '13 at 19:37
As @DavidH said, it is dangerous to use "== NO" on a BOOL – onevcat Nov 20 '13 at 4:27

__NSCFBoolean is a private class that is used in NSNumber class cluster. To extract appropriate value from it you need to use methods from NSNumber class, -boolValue in your case:

BOOL isMyself = [[messageDic objectForKey:@"myself"] boolValue];
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Change that boolvalue to boolValue would ya? I'm not permitted to make single char edits. – Rydell Jan 10 '14 at 16:20

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