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I can successfully save data to local storage and retrieve it. However, if I refresh my browser and then try to recall the data in local storage, it fails to do so. I am saving the data like so;

var eventStore = Ext.getStore('Details');

if(null == eventStore.findRecord('id', {


eventStore.sort([{ property: 'dateCreated', direction: 'Desc' }]);

console.log('Data saved, store has ' + eventStore.getCount() + ' items');

When i refresh my browser and check my console, the entry is there, but when i try to call it like below, it fails.

var store = Ext.getStore('Details');
var storeId = store.findRecord('id', 'LC');
console.log('Details store has ' + store.getCount() + ' items');

i am new to Sencha touch and would greatly appreciate any advice as to what I'm doing wrong.

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You have to check property phantom: true of the new created model. If it is not set or is false the proxy will not synchronize it is remote store, but keeps only in store's 'memory' :)

I'd advise save your event record via rather than store's sync() call. Have a look at!/api/ Proxy can be defined for Model as far as for Store.

Cheers, Oleg

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Problem solved! Simply updated sencha touch to the latest version and all works as should.

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