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Description Resource Path Location Type

make: * Config file '' does not exist -- add the OMNeT++ bin directory to the path so that opp_configfilepath can be found, or set the OMNETPP_CONFIGFILE variable to point to Stop. Makefile /IWF line 55 C/C++ Problem**

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First of all: YOU SHOULDN'T BE SHOUTING AT US! writing in ALL CAPS is considered SHOUTING and it's rude - don't do it, thank you. – marc_s Aug 1 '12 at 10:39
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I had the same problem with OMNET++ 4.3.1, it turns out that i extracted the omnet source files to C:\Omnet rather than the default expected location c:/omnetpp-4.3.1 by the make script. So when you try to build the mixim, the build stops by giving two errors one of them being

make: *** Config file 'c:/omnetpp-4.3.1/' does not exist -- 

To solve this issue, navigate to mixim(or whatever folder)>out>gcc-debug>.last-copts or you can search your workspace for something like omnetpp-4.3.1, remember the version, to locate the file. Then just change -Ic:/omnetpp-4../include to exact directory path where you have extracted omnet++.

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