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I have a problem regarding the integration of Vectorwise with Pentaho..... The Pentaho was working fine with other databses but integration with Vectowise gives always the same error.......

AdhocWebService.ERROR_0012 - Failed to generate the report preview.Please check the server log for details of the error.

When i checked the error log it said this :


ERROR [org.pentaho.platform.plugin.services.connections.metadata.sql.SqlMetadataQueryExec] SqlMetadataQueryExec.ERROR_0002 - Query execution failed: QueryModelMetaData.ERROR_0001 - !QueryModelMetaData.ERROR_0001_MetadataColumnNotFound! Generated SQL: SELECT "BT_TIME_DIMENSION_TIME_DIMENSION"."cl_year" AS "COL0" ,AVG("BT_TIME_DIMENSION_TIME_DIMENSION"."cl_week") AS "COL1" FROM "time_dimension" "BT_TIME_DIMENSION_TIME_DIMENSION" GROUP BY "BT_TIME_DIMENSION_TIME_DIMENSION"."cl_year" ORDER BY "COL0" ERROR [org.pentaho.platform.engine.services.solution.SolutionEngine] db143504-d7c1-11e1-b334-355c9beece81:SOLUTION-ENGINE:preview.xaction: Action Sequence execution failed, see details below | Error Time: Friday, July 27, 2012 1:35:40 PM IST | Session ID: joe | Instance Id: db143504-d7c1-11e1-b334-355c9beece81 | Action Sequence: preview.xaction | Execution Stack: EXECUTING ACTION: rule (MQLRelationalDataComponent) | Action Class: MQLRelationalDataComponent | Action Desc: rule | Loop Index (1-based): 0


when i run the same query directly on the Vectorwise server the output is obtained...

Pease Help me..... Thanx in advance :)

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always strange if the exact same query executes fine via a sql client. Are you sure the BI server is using the same driver you are using when you test running the query? –  Codek Aug 1 '12 at 10:51

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