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I have the following MongoDB update operation, but it doesnt seem to work, anyone know why?

User.collection.update({ _id: BSON::ObjectId("5018ed448712ff240e0000a0") }, 
                       { "$set" => { name: "ben" } })

It does not throw an error, but just some integer which I am guessing is the doc size.

I am using Mongoid 2.4.10/Rails 3.2.7

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User.collection.update({"_id"=>BSON::ObjectId('5018ed448712ff240e0000a0')}, { "$set" => {"name" => "ben" } }) –  Userpassword Aug 1 '12 at 10:34

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If you are using Mongoid, you coule just do a find and update:

User.find("5018ed448712ff240e0000a0").update_attributes!(name: "ben")

or you could use set:

User.find("5018ed448712ff240e0000a0").set(:name, "ben")

Note that set() takes 2 arguments; it does not accept a hash as an argument

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Can you use mongoid API instead and use following command:

User.find("5018ed448712ff240e0000a0").set(name: "ben")
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