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Is there any function in the GMP library which give me bitLength of any GMP variable?

mpz_t temp;

Then how to find bitlength of temp?

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Please define "bitlength". – Kerrek SB Aug 1 '12 at 10:31
number of bits of given number. (eg 25 then binary value 11001 and bit length =5) – user1545975 Aug 1 '12 at 10:40
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Perhaps there is a better, way, but after reading the docs I came up with this one:

mp_bitcnt_t msb(mpz_t& m) {
  mpz_t n = m.get_moz_t();
  mp_bitcnt_t remaining = mpz_popcount(n), last = -1;
  while (remaining) {
    last = mpz_scan1(n, last + 1);
  return last;
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GMP has a library function that does that for you:

size_t mpz_sizeinbase (mpz_t OP, int BASE)

Then mpz_sizeinbase(temp,2); is the number of bits required to represent abs(temp):

Return the size of OP measured in number of digits in the given BASE. BASE can vary from 2 to 62. The sign of OP is ignored, just the absolute value is used. The result will be either exact or 1 too big. If BASE is a power of 2, the result is always exact. If OP is zero the return value is always 1.

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