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I am loading a GPX file into my emulator.


The file has 7226 points (it says so in the Point Count column) so the file is being loaded in correctly. However, the problem happens when I press the play button it only reads in about 4 points before it then pauses itself. This is not the functionality I want.


How do I make it run through the entire file without it pausing itself?

Thanks in advance

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Just for the sake of answering the question from my research and for those of you looking for a solution yourself.

I couldn't manage to get the entire GPX file loaded in via the DDMS even when using different types of converters that you can find online.

The solution in the end was to have a set of classes which decode a GPX file into a set of locations and then do whatever you want with those.

I hope this helps even it is just confirming your thoughts that it wont work (well i couldn't work it out!) :)

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