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I'm getting loads of warnings from generated files in my target folder (e.g. Java code generated from XSDs or surefire reports) that I can't fix, and it's hiding proper warnings in my source code.

Does anyone know of a way to tell Eclipse not to display warnings in certain folders, or just the "Derived" or target folders?

I've only been able to find the following two "almost" solutions:

  1. The filter in the "Problems" view allows you to hide warnings containing (or not containing) a specific String in their description, but not part of their path or resource (file). Even if you could, this wouldn't be an ideal solution as the warnings would still be displayed on the project in the package explorer, hiding potential real warnings.
  2. With the latest Eclipse version (Juno / 4.2) in the "Java Build Path" settings under the "Source" tab, you can "ignore optional compile problems" from each source folder. But this obviously doesn't work for cases where the folders aren't source folders (like the surefire reports). It does however fix one specific problem with warnings about generated sources, but might not in others, where the sources aren't (can't be) included as source.

It would just be nice if there was a way to tell eclipse not to display warnings about things in the target folder altogether, as it's often not very useful and might hide actual problems.


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For me [this StackOverflow answer][1] worked very well. Just do a full rebuild of the project. [1]: stackoverflow.com/questions/283489/… –  Giorgio Vespucci Nov 13 '12 at 14:57
I had the same problem with HTML files in a non-source folder, couldn't really find a solution for the problem other than disabling HTML checks for the whole problem –  Seppl Nov 26 '13 at 10:36
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Folders that are not source folders are not compiled by Eclipse. So you should not have Java error/warning for those.

For source folder, you already have the solution ('Ignore optional compile problems' parameter).

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