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I have some Game Objects with public properties that are set in the editor.

Now, I want to change it so some of these are loaded from a configuration file.

For example: userForm script has public string uploadURL.

What is the best practice. I could have a script at Start() that reads the configuration and sets the properties of each game object. But, how could I guarantee my settings runs before the other objects?

Is there an alternative?


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Well, the Awake() method runs before Start(), which might help you somewhat. You can also edit the order that particular scripts run in from the Unity IDE (guaranteeing that a particular component runs first in a given update cycle).

However, if you're loading configuration from files, you might find it easier (and more efficient) to have a single overarching "Configuration Loader" that sets up all of your GameObjects from one configuration file, rather than having each component read from a file separately.

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YEs, that's what I have. A single configuration loader for the app. I was concerned that Awake() called on game object creation may now have guaranteed all objects were created. But I will look at the script ordering capability. –  peterept Aug 1 '12 at 11:14
That worked for me. Thanks. –  peterept Aug 2 '12 at 4:17

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