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I just started trying out Derbyjs, and I already ran into a problem. I can't find any support for this error, and most likely is some dumb mistake i'm making.

I'm trying to render a view, following the example from the www.derbyjs.com documentation.

My app is as simple as this:

var app = require('derby').createApp(module);
app.get('/', function (page, model) {

My views are composed by two files.


<import: src="home">
  Default page content


  Welcome to the home page

I get the following error whenever the page is rendered:


Error: Template import of 'home'... ...can't contain content

As you can see, it is a very simple example. What am I missing? I get that error even if I have the "home.html" file empty.

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Well, I got the answer from one of the developers.

It seems like there was a subtle bug in the Template Parser that probably has already been fixed.

Having a whitespace or linebreak in front of

<import: src="home">

was causing the parser to raise the error. Writing

<import: src="home"><Body:>

solved the issue.

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