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I have written a piece of code that should save doubles in an csv file. Here it is:

QString fileName = QFileDialog::getSaveFileName(this,tr("Save Logger Data"), "",tr("LoggerData(*.csv);;All Files (*)"));
if (fileName.isEmpty())
    QFile file(fileName);
    if (!
        QMessageBox::information(this, tr("Unable to open file"), file.errorString());
    QDataStream out(&file);

    out << data1 << "/t" << data2 << "/n";

Here, data1 and data2 are doubles. When I open the savefile I only see weird characters (I asume they are hexadecimal values??). How can I change my code so it saves doubles instead of hex?

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QDataStream is not the right class for this. For text output use QTextStream instead.

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thanks for the very quick reply! – Frank Aug 1 '12 at 12:19

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