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Just wondering if Visual Studio is developed in the IDE that is Visual Studio? Maybe VS2010 was made using VS2008?

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No, VS2010 was made with VS2010. You can tell because VS2010 needs VS2010 specific components to run. The process is called "bootstrapping". Using your own tools to create the next version is called "dog-fooding". –  Hans Passant Aug 1 '12 at 13:56
Hans, can you give examples, I am intrigued by your answer? –  series0ne Aug 2 '12 at 8:36
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You are probably correct. I have also wondered this. If you think about it, Open Source environments like SharpDevelop are made using Visual Studio, so why not use a proven technology to build the next generation of proven technologies? It's like saying: "Is Windows 8 developed using Windows 7"...it's unlikely Microsoft would develop Windows 8 on Ubuntu!

One thing I do know about Visual Studio 2010 is that it uses WPF for its interface, and it was possible to develop WPF applications from Visual Studio 2008 onwards (although they may have used expression blend to build the UI, and they port it into the Visual Studio 2010 project!)

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What evidence do you have for SharpDevelop being made using Visual Studio? You should include that in your answer. It's possible to build these things using nothing more than notepad and the .NET framework redist; that doesn't imply anything about how they were actually built. –  Dan Puzey Aug 1 '12 at 12:19
Ok, so no strict "evidence" here, but if you were going to build an IDE, would you use Notepad or Visual Studio? –  series0ne Aug 1 '12 at 12:25
That's not the point: you've posting an answer based on conjecture and presented parts of it as fact. I could equally say this: "if you think about it, the point of SharpDevelop is to break the dependency on Visual Studio as an IDE, so why would they use Visual Studio to develop it?" Coming up with plausible justification doesn't make an answer correct. A better answer would be "I expect that this is the case" or "I would guess that..." –  Dan Puzey Aug 1 '12 at 12:29
Ok, whilst I fully understand your point, it seems overly un-necessary to build an application like SharpDevelop (at least the first version) in anything less than Visual Studio. Beyond that, you could even build the next version of SharpDevelop...in SharpDevelop.I have had a look at the source code for SharpDevelop, which is released with a Visual Studio solution, which might indicate that it is built in Visual Studio...unless there are other IDE's that recognise Visual Studio solution files. Since I do not use SharpDevelop, I could not comment on its ability to R/W Visual Studio solutions. –  series0ne Aug 1 '12 at 14:03
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