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Is it possible to embed open fire or any xmpp server in a spring java application?

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Are you trying to say that you want to embed openfire in your web application, that application can also contain Spring or any other framework.

You can embed Openfire in any web application, just set System property for openfireHome eg: -DopenfireHome="C:\ChatServer\openfire". Also you have to start the openfire from the application it self. i.e. openfire server should be working in standalone mode. To start openfire server create 1 ServletContextListener, in that call ServerStarter.main(null); This code will start the server in standalone mode.

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thanks @Andro-selva for editing the answer. I am new to this portal , so it will take some time to format answer correctly..:-) – kamlesh patel Oct 22 '12 at 15:03
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tigase, is a better option.

You can get to work form within java.

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