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I'm trying to use LibSVM programmatically in Java, via the Weka wrapper written by El-Manzalawy, running on Windows 7. I've added C:\Program Files (x86)\libsvm-3.12\java\libsvm.jar to my CLASSPATH environmental variable. After adding that I can now use LibSVM via the Weka explorer user interface, but it still fails when I'm calling it in code (debugging in eclipse).

I try to create it using Weka.core.Utils.forName. This goes through to LibSVM.java which then calls the java method Class.forName(...), passing CLASS_SVM as the param which is set to "libsvm.svm".

I've used Weka.core.Utils.forName to create others classifiers programmatically without problems.

Anyone have any ideas?

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@Sicco - thanks for answer. I will try upgrading soon. –  Philip Welch Aug 1 '12 at 13:15
UPDATE: I've manually added LibSVM as an external java to my own project which fixes it (although I'm not too sure what exactly was happening, other than it not finding the jar...) –  Philip Welch Aug 1 '12 at 13:16

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You should be able to glue libsvm and weka in your java program using the answer posted here: How to use LibSVM with Weka in my Java code?

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Adding LibSVM is real easy when using Weka 3.7.6, because it allows you to install it via its package manager, either via command line or GUI. So I'd recommend using Weka 3.7.6.

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