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I'm trying to add the newest version of a framework to my Xcode project but can't seem to get Xcode to ignore the old one.

I have deleted the framework from the project and removed its listing in "Link Binary With Libraries" section. I then delete every instance of the old framework from my Mac and reset content and settings within the simulator. I clean my project and delete derived data. I then download the new version of the framework and drag and drop it in as usual. Everything appears to link up normally and the project builds without errors again. I go to the view that uses components from the new framework and a big "Trial Version" watermark is still on it and querying the frameworks own [getInfo] function returns the old framework version.

How do I go about completely deleting all reference to this framework? How is it still being built into the project when it no longer exists on my hard drive and I have wiped all the cached data from previous builds and linked a completely new framework from a different location?

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It turned out to be the automatic framework searching that Xcode does locating the old framework in other versions of the project in other directories. What a headache.

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Your answer doesn't quite help me out. How does one disable the automatic framework searching? –  Mark S Nov 6 '12 at 16:20
Any advice on how you fixed this would be appreciated? –  jaker Aug 5 '13 at 14:11

I had a similar problem to this and the fix was to look in the Build Settings for my project's target. Under Framework Search Paths was an old entry, pointing at an old copy of the framework. Removing this ensured that it used the latest framework.

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