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I have a public property in my code-behind that I want to bind it to my control in .aspx page. If I use Page.DataBind() it works but I don't want to use this as this causes recursive data bind to all controls.

Even if Page.DataBind() had an overloaded method which accepted boolean indicating whether I want to call it recursively or not, it would have been a better option but at the moment it will only degrade performance due to recursion.

My only objective is to bind public/protected properties in my code-behind page to my .aspx page. Is there any better alternative?

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I guess your binding code is somethong like

<%# MyProperty %>

This kind of binding will occur only if if you call Page.DataBind(), but if you write:

<%= MyProperty %>

then you don't have to call Page.DataBind()

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The accepted answer works for simple display of values, but does not work for using databound values in server tags, e.g.

<asp:Literal Visible='<%# IsNewApplication %>' runat="server">New Application</asp:Literal>

The only way I have found of getting round this is to use PlaceHolder controls to isolate blocks of bindable tags, then called DataBind() on the PlaceHolder.

It's up to you to determine is this is more or less ugly / appropriate than just setting the visibility in code!

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I have created my own "custom" control which allows both "auto binding" (no need to call DataBind manually) and "bind propagation stopping" (because some things shouldn't be data-bound [again]) .. +1 because most of the time I find <%# .. %> useful control properties and <%= .. %> only rarely useful. –  user166390 Oct 24 '12 at 22:18
Yes, the bind propagation stopping would be an extremely handy feature. I normally do it on an ad hoc basis, a control framework like yours would be a definite improvement :o) –  Whelkaholism Nov 13 '12 at 15:57

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