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I have a csv with the following inputs


I put .... to indicate variable no of Comp list seperated by |, We can assume that for every Comp csv file will have a owner info if available otherwise it will be blank,

Now i need to generate an xml in the following format

<product='Product1' Comp='Comp1' Owner='Owner1' />
<product='Product1' Comp='Comp2' Owner='Owner2' />
<product='Product1' Comp='Comp3' Owner='' />

<product='Product2' Comp='Comp1' Owner='Owner1' />
<product='Product2' Comp='Comp2' Owner='' />
<product='Product2' Comp='Comp3' Owner='Owner3' />
<product='Product3' Comp='CompX' Owner='' />

I wrote the following code for it.


for line in `cat input.csv`;do
# echo $line
prd=`echo $line | cut -d',' -f1`
components=`echo $line | cut -d',' -f2`
owners=`echo $line | cut -d',' -f3`

# echo $components

for comp in `echo $components`;do
   i=`expr $i + 1`
   owner=`echo $owners | cut -d'|' -f$i`
   echo "<product='$prd' Comp='$comp' Owner='$owner' />"

Which is not working properly. Can anybody suggest me other ways of doing it.

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Not quit sure about the ... notation. I'd use a single for loop to handle all the inner column logic, and use a simple while read method to handle the line-by-line.

while read LINE
        COLUMNS=(`echo $LINE | tr ',' ' '`)
        COMPS=(`echo ${COLUMNS[1]} | tr '|' ' '`)
        for (( i=0 ; i<${#COMPS[@]} ; i++ ))
                OWNER=`echo ${COLUMNS[2]} | awk '{split($0,owner,"|"); print owner[$1]}'
                echo "<product='${COLUMNS[0]}' Comp='${COMPS[$i]}' Owner='$OWNER' />"
done < input.csv
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The output i am getting is <product='Product1' Comp='Comp1' Owner='Owner1' /> <product='Product1' Comp='Comp2' Owner='Owner2' /> *' />duct='Product1' Comp='Comp3' Owner='... <product='Product2' Comp='Comp1' Owner='Owner1' /> <product='Product2' Comp='Comp2' Owner='Owner3' /> *' />duct='Product2' Comp='Comp3' Owner='... it is printing some lines not properly, I marked then with * – Kishore Relangi Aug 1 '12 at 14:12
Ah yes, I see it now. Adjusted script to map owner of comps by using awk to search for matching index – emcconville Aug 1 '12 at 14:21
One suggestion while copying the content from windows to unix is to make sure to delete \r charecters. – Kishore Relangi Aug 2 '12 at 10:01

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