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Hi I'm a little perplexed. I'm making a paypal api call with sandbox credentials. The return ACK is: success. When i go to either payer or business sandbox account no transactions have been processed. I debuged through and looks like i'm populating all the fields, plus i would think if some fields are missing the error would've been thrown. Here is the code I'm using.


APIProfile apiProfile = ProfileFactory.createSignatureAPIProfile();

                    // caller
                    NVPCallerServices callerServices = new NVPCallerServices();

                    // encoder
                    NVPEncoder encoder = new NVPEncoder();
                    encoder.add(METHOD, METHOD_VALUE);
                    encoder.add(RETURNURL, paypalAccount.getReturnUrl());
                    encoder.add(CANCELURL, paypalAccount.getCancelUrl());
                    encoder.add(CURRENCYCODE, CURRENCYCODE_VALUE);
                    encoder.add(PAYMENTACTION, PAYMENTACTION_VALUE);
                    encoder.add(AMT, payment.getPaymentOrder().getPrice().toString());
                    encoder.add(L_NAME0, L_NAME0_VALUE);
                    encoder.add(L_AMT0, payment.getPaymentOrder().getPrice().toString());

                    // call
                    String NVPRequest = encoder.encode();
                    String NVPResponse = callerServices.call(NVPRequest);
                    NVPDecoder decoder = new NVPDecoder();

                    String ack = decoder.get(ACK);


Any help would be awesome!

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If you are using express checkout you need to make 3 calls:

  • SetExpressCheckout (response with a token)
  • GetExpressCheckout
  • DoExpressCheckout

Once ‘DoExpressCheckout’ passes you should be able to see a transaction logged in your sandbox buyer and merchant accounts.

Have a look at: https://www.x.com/devzone/excerpts/chapter-2-express-checkout

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