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The headline says it all: Is there a vertical sum function in php that adds a (sub)array value over the entire array, like this:

 // pseudo code that would return the sum of "income" for all days of the year
 // for example
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Native function? Not exactly, but array reduction can help:

$array = array(
    array('income' => 1), //day 1
    array('income' => 3), //day 2, etc
    array('income' => 6),
    array('income' => 7)
echo array_reduce($array, function($curr_total, $this_val) {
    return $curr_total + $this_val['income'];
}, 0); //17
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That's not quite what his array looks like. Your example could just be array_sum($array['sub_arr']). His array is like $arr = array(array('sub_arr' => 1),array('sub_arr' => 3),array('sub_arr' => 6),array('sub_arr' => 7)). – Rocket Hazmat Aug 1 '12 at 14:08
Right you are. See edit. – Utkanos Aug 1 '12 at 14:12
+1, this is probably better than my answer :-) – Rocket Hazmat Aug 1 '12 at 14:25

You could extract the income field from each array, and then use array_sum.

function vertical_sum($array, $key){
    return array_sum(array_map(function($a) use($key){
        return $a[$key];
    }, $array));

Then you can call it like:

vertical_sum($array, "income");
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