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How do I simulate "Withdrawn by reporter" in JIRA workflow? Should it be a resolution?

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Sounds like a resolution to me. You can have a transition named "Withdrawn" that sets the resolution to make it even easier. Adding a new status would seem a bit heavyweight for most cases. – mdoar Aug 1 '12 at 20:08

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Depends on your workflow and your needs. The arguments to whether use status or transition are the same as in here.

I would have done is using a global transition that leads to 'Withdrawn' status. This way you could access the list of withdrawn issues easily as well as allowing moving to this status from every other status.


The big benefit of this method is that all issues that are Withdrawn by reporter will all be in the same status, meaning that all of them will have the same path of workflow leading them back to open status, making it easier to add specific screens for Withdrawn by reporter issues. For example you could add a reason for re-opening field.

As i see it , changing the resolution alone is not suffice since i don't see the reason of leaving Withdrawn by reporter issues in the same status as other regular issues, i belive it will be wiser to set them apart. This way it will be easier to get reports and queries of Withdrawn by reporter issues.

Buy the way, to get the list of all issues that were in the Withdrawn by reporter status use the following JQL:

status was "Withdrawn by reporter"
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