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Hi I'm using Redmine to write a wiki of my software. I need to put some notes next to a code section like this:


Where the "one" is a link to my note at the end of the page. I've tried to use any method defined in the Textile syntax but it seems that it doesn't work. In fact when you use the code tag '@ @' any other tag stops working.
It's good even if I can use the link tag [[ ]] but only if it is like this google.com

Thanks for any help,


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I've found the link-code, but nothing about the note near the code part... –  imAlessandro Aug 2 '12 at 12:27

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Redmine uses Coderay to parse the code sections in the Wiki. Take a look at the documentation for the different languages. Otherwise I would suggest using comments instead of footnotes or in worst case line references to the code.

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This extension for Redmine supports footnotes and custom styles in the wiki.

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