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I have this Schema in mongoose and when I use the pre with update, I get this error.

JobSchema.pre('update', function(n){n()})

Full error

        throw err;
TypeError: Cannot read property 'numAsyncPres' of undefined
    at Model._lazySetupHooks (C:\web\production01_server\node_modules\production\node_modules\mongoose\node_modules\hooks\hooks.js:149:49)
    at Model.pre (C:\web\production01_server\node_modules\production\node_modules\mongoose\node_modules\hooks\hooks.js:113:10)
    at Model.doQueue (C:\web\production01_server\node_modules\production\node_modules\mongoose\lib\document.js:1116:41)
    at Model.Document (C:\web\production01_server\node_modules\production\node_modules\mongoose\lib\document.js:55:8)
    at Model.Model (C:\web\production01_server\node_modules\production\node_modules\mongoose\lib\model.js:26:12)
    at Model.model (C:\web\production01_server\node_modules\production\node_modules\mongoose\lib\model.js:910:11)
    at new Model (C:\web\production01_server\node_modules\production\node_modules\mongoose\lib\connection.js:418:15)
    at cb (C:\web\production01_server\node_modules\production\node_modules\mongoose\lib\query.js:804:16)
    at C:\web\production01_server\node_modules\production\node_modules\mongoose\lib\utils.js:408:16
    at C:\web\production01_server\node_modules\production\node_modules\mongoose\node_modules\mongodb\lib\mongodb\cursor.js:133:9


  • pre('save' WORKS
  • post('update' Doesn't throw error and doesn't works
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According to the Mongoose documentation, the pre and post middleware functions support:

  • init
  • validate
  • save
  • remove

No support for update.

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It's true that Mongoose doesn't support hooks on Model APIs other than those Greg listed above. However, an update hook can be done via Monkey-patch. The Hooker NPM package is a good way of doing this cleanly.

The RESTeasy project which is a Boilerplate for Node REST APIs has code that demonstrates how to do it:

var hooker = require('hooker');

var BaseSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
  sampleString: {
    type: String

var BaseModel = mongoose.model('Base', BaseSchema);

// Utilize hooks for update operations. We do it in this way because MongooseJS
// does not natively support update hooks at the Schema level. This is a way
// to support it.
hooker.hook (BaseModel, 'update', {
  pre: function () {
    // Insert any logic you want before updating to occur here
    console.log('BaseModel pre update');
  post: function () {
    // Insert any logic you want after updating to occur here
    console.log('BaseModel post update');

// Export the Mongoose model
module.exports = BaseModel;
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I found this: https://github.com/LearnBoost/mongoose/issues/538 So no pre for update...

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