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I have hadoop, hive, sqoop installed. I imported the table from my database to hdfs but couldnt import it to hive. Do I need to configure any file in hive? Also when I browsed the web the configuration is shown for MySQL but I am using the driver jdbc:sqlserver. Anyone please help me as I am stuck with this since many days.

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You should be able to import a table and see it in Hive using the --hive-import flag Check if you have defined all the global variables, HADOOP_HOME, SQOOP_HOME and HIVE_HOME If it doesn't work for you, in the meantime you can always use CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE syntax to make use of your imported data in Hive.

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Have you used the specific --hive-import switch in the sqoop command line?

Sqoop import --connect ‘jdbc:sqlserver://sqlservername.mycompany.com;username=hadoop;password=hadoop;database=hadoop’ --table dataforhive --hive-import

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just create an external hive table on the path in hdfs. or use --hive-import

Any of the two should work for you.

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