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i have this html text:

<strong><em>La congiura della pietra nera</em></strong>
<p><a href="xxxxx">

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-75372" title="mytitle" 

src="my.jpg" alt="" width="247" height="350"></a>

<strong>Trama:</strong> La storia ruota attorno ad una setta di guerrieri depositaria dei più arcani segreti.</p>

i need to make a prey_replace of some words, i use this regular expression in php:

$mycontent = preg_replace('{'.$words.'(?![^<>]*>)}i','otherwords',$mycontent);

it work very well, but i need to exclude text inside tag too, how can i do this?

many thanks

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Never parse html with regex. Use DomDocument instead. – Leri Aug 1 '12 at 15:22
Aside from confusing parsing and matching, the silly link is relevant. With the prescribed regex method this can only be done with exorbitant effort. (You can't). Else a HTML/DOM traversal frontend is advisable. – mario Aug 1 '12 at 15:32

refer following sample code:

$foo = '<p><strong>SCHEDA FILM</strong>:<strong> <em>La congiura della pietra nera</em></strong></p>';
$bar1 = 'La congiura della pietra nera';
$bar2 = 'SCHEDA FILM';
echo preg_replace('/(<(?!em\b)(\w+)[^>]*>)'. $bar1 . '(<\/\2>)/', "$1do something$3", $foo);
//output '<p><strong>SCHEDA FILM</strong>:<strong> <em>La congiura della pietra nera</em></strong></p>'

echo preg_replace('/(<(?!em\b)(\w+)[^>]*>)'. $bar2 . '(<\/\2>)/', "$1do something$3", $foo);
//output '<p><strong>do something</strong>:<strong> <em>La congiura della pietra nera</em></strong></p>'     

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