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I am trying to build a batch file that deletes all excel files older than 30 days. So far I have the command:

forfiles -p"N:\QC\ATR's" -s -m*.xls* -d-30 -c"CMD /C del /f /q @FILE"

The only problem seems to be the fact that @FILE has a space in the folder/file name so the del command cannot find the specified path. For example, looking at the echoes from the command it says

Could Not Find N:\QC\ATR's\'-5

When it should really be looking for the path

N:\QC\ATR's\-5 brightness study

See what I mean? Is there a way to tell the @FILE variable to be wrapped in quotes or something?


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You could try the following:

SET FILE = -5 brightness study

forfiles -p"N:\QC\ATR's" -s -m*.xls* -d-30 -c"CMD /C del /f /q %FILE%"

Check these sites for some assistance:

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I figured it out. I just added Hex coded qoutes around the file variable

forfiles -p"N:\QC\ATR's" -s -m*.xls* -d-30 -c"CMD /C del /f /q ^0x22@FILE^0x22"
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