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I have an apache http server (A) with mod_proxy enabled sending all requests to a second machine (B).

In a normal situation a request X will go to server A and then be sent to server B. Server B will return a response to server A which in turn will send it to the user.

I would like to mask some response codes from the user, so for example, if Server B returns 403, I want Server A to return a 500 to the user.

I have been doing some research in matter but I am not able to find a concrete answer. My first idea was to try ErrorDocument but nothing happened when I tried (Probably due to proxy). My next idea was to use mod_rewrite however it seems the IF statement in Apache's conf file does not give me the option to look at the return code.

Is this even possible with Apache, maybe with a mod, or would I have to rely on a external application for that? I'd prefer to have total control of the returned answer so that not only the response status can be changed but the whole html itself, if possible.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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