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I'm new to the boost threads library. I have a situation where I acquire a scoped_lock in one function and need to wait on it in a callee.

The code is on the lines of:

class HavingMutex
   static boost::mutex m;
   static boost::condition_variable *c;
   static void a();
   static void b();
   static void d();

void HavingMutex::a()
    boost::mutex::scoped_lock lock(m);
    b()          //Need to pass lock here. Dunno how !

void HavingMutex::b(lock)
    if (some condition)
    d(lock) // Need to pass lock here. How ?

void HavingMutex::d(//Need to get lock here)
    c->wait(lock); //Need to pass lock here (doesn't allow direct passing of mutex m)

Basically, in function d(), I need to access the scoped lock I acquired in a() so that I can wait on it. How do I do that ? (Some other thread will notify).

Or can I directly wait on a mutex instead of a lock ?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks !

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Pass it by reference:

void HavingMutex::d(boost::mutex::scoped_lock & lock)
{                                          // ^ that means "reference"
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I tried this and thought it was wrong because my code was deadlocking. I just found that that was due to something else. This seems to work. Thanks ! – Mathangi Venkatesan Aug 1 '12 at 17:42

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