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I have the following event on a check box in CoffeeScript:

$('#check_box').click ->
  opts = 
    target: '#project_total'
    beforeSubmit: preSubmit
    success: postSubmit

preSubmit = ->
  $('<input/>').attr('type', 'hidden').attr('id', 'running').attr('name', 'running').attr('value', 'true').appendTo('form')

But the input element, #running, is not sent as part of the ajaxSubmit call. All other form values are sent. If I click the check box, then click the Submit button, the #running value is sent.

How can I send the value of #running along with the ajaxSubmit() call?

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If you want to send an hidden element with a form, you should use a Type="Hidden" in the input you want to send aswell. In this case your running should look something like

<input id="running" type="hidden" value="somevalue"/>

and it should be sent along with the whole form.

This code is a bit confusing, why do you actually remove input#running and then create it afterward?

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I had hidden set originally, but changed it to text for debugging. I've changed it back now. I remove input#running because this form could be submitted multiple times (if the user checks or unchecks the check box), and I only want one running element. – croceldon Aug 1 '12 at 16:13
Ok sorry, I see what you wanna do now, JQuery can be tricky sometimes about items you remove and place depending on when and how, that's probably the problem. I would've to try a bit to give you another answer, sadly I'm not really familiar with CoffeeScript. – Jesus VII Aug 1 '12 at 16:20
I'd always include "running" and then just append values 1/0 to it instead of removing and adding back the entire option. – Alisso Apr 13 '14 at 10:21

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