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I'm an apex beginner and I have a question.

I have a blank page and I want to add 2 select lists.
Like this:

enter image description here

The values of the second list are dependent on the selected value of the first list.
How can I access this selected value?


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The feature you are looking for is Cascading Select Lists, and this comes natively in Apex 4.0 and up. If you are on a lower version, BoeroBoy's way may get you there.

Take a look at the blog post done by Patrick Wolf, who is on the apex dev team.
Pre 4.0: http://www.inside-oracle-apex.com/generic-solution-for-cascading-select-listslovs/
4.0 and up: http://www.inside-oracle-apex.com/oracle-apex-4-0-cascading-lovsselect-lists/

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You can do this a few ways. You can make the top select box submit the page during a selection change and then the bottom select list will be refreshed with your new options, but that will take a submit and refresh of the entire page. You can also apply some Javascript.

I suggest you start reading here:


A more specific example of Dependent Select Lists is here: http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/obe/db/hol08/apexweb20/ajax_otn.htm#t1

Hope this helps!

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