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Does any one use loggingselenium for webdriber? I am trying to create a nice HTML formatted report which will includes stack trace of a failed tests including a screen shot. Loggingselenium is the best library for the porpose as i explained above. I am using maven and surefire for my project and I need to use logging selenium for my project which was done using webdriver. or find out other solution which will help me to do the same thing. As I am using junit for my tests, i want something like this.Any help will be appreciated.

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This actually looks like the best solution for your case. I used other tools that provide some logging with error stacks such as cucumber, jbehave or thucydides however they are a little bit different. So given a quick look your solution based on loggingselenium looks rather good. – Arek Nov 8 '12 at 13:51
Jenkins is also amazing at keeping test results. You can have screenshots there as well. – Alex Okrushko Jan 9 '13 at 18:50

You should try ISFW. It has great logging and reporting features as well as some design concepts especially for web functional test automation using selenium 1 or 2. you can read below useful blogs: About ISFW FAQ

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