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I've a builder for selecting people with a phone number not null, a permission flag true (in the first builder call), and with a birthday template not null in this function. There is also a birthday field:

public function getAllForBirthdaySmsSend()
    $qb    = $this->getAllSuitableForSmsQueryBuilder();
    $alias = $qb->getRootAlias();
    $today = new \DateTime();

    return $qb->andWhere(
                /* Filter if today is his birthday */

Now i should filter people by birthday, that is if birthday column formatted as 'm-d-' . date('Y') equals $today.

Anyone knows how to to this with query builder? I don't want to write pure SQL query but i prefer reusing the other query builder to be DRY.

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You can use native sql and then map it in order to deal with real entities makeing use og ResultSetMapping. Of curse, the YEAR is ignored:

Mapping the query fields:

$rsm = new Doctrine\ORM\Query\ResultSetMapping;

    $rsm->addEntityResult('models\User', 'u');
    $rsm->addFieldResult('u', 'id', 'id');
    $rsm->addFieldResult('u', 'username', 'username');
    $rsm->addFieldResult('u', 'birthday', 'birthday');

Create a query using native date functions (each selected column now is mapped ):

$query = $this->doctrine->em->createNativeQuery('
    SELECT id, username, birthday 
    FROM user 

Get the users:

$users = $query->getResult();

Tip: Try to avoid casting column values when you want to do a query. It forces MySQL(if it is your case) to convert the column into a CHAR before performing the comparison and alter the performance.

Edit birthday column is datetime type. And the user model has the birtdate attibute mapped as \DateTime object

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That's what i was doing without reading your answer! thanks! Just a question... User could be assigned to other entities? I mean... it's a "partial" object, would Doctrine complain about this? – Polmonino Aug 1 '12 at 19:51
The relation between objects is made by a reference column of this with other entities, while this values persist in the partial/proxy object should not be a problem. – manix Aug 1 '12 at 20:17

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