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I'm using tortoise svn to update and commit changes to the repository in the server whenever i make changes to my working copy. But from a few days i'm not able to commit the changes and i get the following error whenever i try to commit.

Working copy 'C:\Program Files\EasyPHP\www\project\php' locked.
'C:\Program Files\EasyPHP\www\project' is already locked.

I've tried to unlock the folder by right clicking on it and selecting 'Tortoise svn -> Release lock', it says 'There's nothing to unlock. No file has a lock in this working copy'. What might be the problem? Need some help

Thanks in advance

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No Problem... Try this.

Goto top level SVN folder.

Right Click on folder(that has your svn files) -> TortoiseSVN -> CleanUp

This will surely solve your problem. I did this lots of time.. :)

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thanks @MicroEyes...now i'm able to commit. I just have one small doubt. After making changes to a file, should i first commit and then update the file (in working copy) or update and then commit? –  Anil Aug 1 '12 at 18:58
Always follow update then commit. Otherwise your will get a message to update from TortoiseSVN, because your version copy is older then stored in SVN server. So in anyways, you have to update and commit. –  MicroEyes Aug 2 '12 at 5:43
didn't work exactly like that for me - i had to back up to the root of the working copy and do it from there. trying to do a cleanup from the same folder that caused the lock issue resulted in a message that it couldn't clean the locks up because it was locked! but yes, from the root of the working copy it all worked as listed. –  Jon Kloske Oct 5 '12 at 6:35
Great -thanks - worked for me! –  Cheeky Apr 20 '13 at 15:33
Had to be the top level folder, once outside of it, right click on it, then TortoiseSVN -> CleanUp worked for me –  CodeBlend May 13 '13 at 11:37

The accepted answer didn't work for me. To fix that issue, I had to right-click on the file that was locked, select repo-browser. This opened a popup with the files as they are on the SVN server. I then right-clicked on the locked file and selected break lock.

When I closed the repository browser, back on explorer I could finally commit!

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  1. Right click on folder.
  2. TortoiseSVN->Check for modifications.
  3. Click on the Check repository button.
  4. Break lock on all files returned.
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I managed to lock myself out of a file in svn - don't know how - but when I tried (re)-getting the lock (Tortoise was showing the "Get Lock" option for the file), it complained that already had the lock. I tried deleting the file and committing the directory change - same result. I tried CleanUp (including refreshing the overlay), but that failed too.

The solution was to go into the Tortoise repo-browser, find the file and use the "break lock" function.

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I ran into this issue as well. For some I would like to point out that if it is locked CHECK WITH YOUR TEAM. Someone on the team might have some things locked because they are working on it (this allows developers to do work on things without others coming in and trying to work on the same content as well). If that is the case, releasing the lock and then updating has the potential to lose data for the developer who locked it.

With that in mind my concern was that the "clean up" option would possibly change my working copy or remove information from the Repo level of Subversion. That is not the case. The answer worked for me. Mine became locked when I clicked cancel during the middle of an update. I ended up pulling some of our branches and I did not need the stuff so I hit cancel. My working copy became locked. I could not find any documents that came up as "locked" when I used the command 'release lock'. This left me puzzled and upon some quick reading (and this thread) I attempted the 'clean up' command. After a clean up it resolved my issue and nothing was locked anymore.

source: http://tortoisesvn.net/docs/nightly/TortoiseSVN_en/tsvn-dug-locking.html

edit: Trying to build up some cred on Stack (I can never seem to find anything I can help with) so I apologize for a late answer. I just felt I had more information that someone else searching, might find useful. Thanks!

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I had tried various things, including "Clean Up" on lower subdirectories. Finally, I tried updating the top level folder. Nothing. Then I read the "Clean up top level" tip. I tried that. The clean up part succeeded, but the lock remained. My solution was to go back to the top level, clean up, then clean up each red ! folder I could drill down to. After all was "Cleaned up", the update worked perfectly. The "break lock" tip looks good, too, with the exception that someone on your team might have a legitimate lock on things.

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