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I have installed Redis via gems, but am having a problem getting it started.

Following James Edward Gary II steps

I have:

$ sudo gem install ezmobius-redis

Successfully installed ezmobius-redis-0.1
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for ezmobius-redis-0.1...
Installing RDoc documentation for ezmobius-redis-0.1...

$ redis-server path/to/redis.conf

-bash: redis-server: command not found

Any thoughts as to what I am missing?

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If you have done just what you have described in your question, then you are missing redis. ezmobius-redis is just a Ruby library that allows connecting to redis. redis itself is a separate piece of software running independently.

If you followed the article you linked and if you especially did this:

curl -O
tar xzvf redis-1.0.tar.gz 
cd redis-1.0
sudo cp redis-server redis-cli redis-benchmark /usr/local/bin

then you have actually installed a very old version of redis into the /usr/local directory.

If you did this starting the server did not work, then you probably have /usr/local not in your PATH. You can start the server using:

$ /usr/local/bin/redis-server path/to/redis.conf

However, I would suggest to install the newest version of redis. To do that on OSX you should use homebrew: - Read this ( as a guide on how to install homebrew and then do a

brew install redis

to install the newest version of redis.

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You might need to open a new terminal to get the latest path settings. Try typing "bash" or "xterm &" and typing the redis-server command again.

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