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I am trying to do something I imagine is relatively simply but for some reason I am having a heck of a time figuring it out and all my searches are turning up blank.

I want to query the color of a specific turtle and check if it matches another color. I want to do something like this:

if color targetTurtleNum = red [set target-confirmed true] ;

But I keep getting an error:

IF expected this input to be a command block, but got a true/false instead.

Any ideas?

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Assuming targetTurtleNum is the "who" number of the turtle you are interested in, try:

if [ color ] of turtle targetTurtleNum = red [ set target-confirmed true ]

The error you are getting is because if expects two inputs: a boolean (the condition you want to check) and a command block (what to do if the condition is true). In your version of the code, the first input thatif is getting is color, and the second one is targetTurtleNum = red, so the compiler complains about getting a boolean as the second input.

In the correct version up here, the whole [ color ] of turtle targetTurtleNum = red part is the boolean that counts as the first input, and [ set target-confirmed true ] is the command block that is expected as the second input.

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